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Online Teaching amid the Covid-19 Pandemic: eBook

Insights from faculty members – A study in the context of teacher training at a university

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The sudden move from face-to-face to online due to the COVID-19 pandemic required universities around the world to make an unexpected and unprecedented effort, for which they were not fully prepared. A
questionnaire was delivered to 44 teaching staff members at the Faculty of Education at the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano to investigate the status of academic online-teaching in the context of kindergarten and primary school teacher training. The paper shows the results according to four topics: course contents, student participation, student feedback, and the future of academic teaching. Subsequently it shows descriptive statistics and qualitative thematic analyses, before exploring the relationship between some socio-demographic and professional background variables with a multiple correspondence analysis. The results suggest that most respondents did not perceive there to be much difference between lectures and workshops in an online mode and managed to transfer their teaching online and find appropriate strategies to guarantee equivalent levels of quality. They also highlight possible issues on the quality of communication, interaction, and students’ active participation during the online lessons.

Keywords: Future development of teaching – higher education – online teaching – teacher training

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