Empirische Pädagogik 2018 – 32 (3+4):

Financial literacy of students and young adults

Determinants and impacts


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Manuel Förster, Roland Happ, William B. Walstad und Carlos J. Asarta
Financial literacy of students and young adults: Determinants and impacts
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William B. Walstad und Ken Rebeck
The measurement properties of the Basic Finance Test for children and the Test of Financial Knowledge for youthVorschauKapitel digital verfügbar 0,00 €

Eveline Wuttke und Carmela Aprea
A situational judgement approach for measuring young adults’ financial literacyVorschauKapitel digital verfügbar 0,00 €

Manuel Förster, Roland Happ und Andreas Maur
The relationship among gender, interest in financial topics and understanding of personal financeVorschauKapitel digital verfügbar 0,00 €

Rebecca G. Chambers und Carlos J. Asarta
Gender, country-level variables, and financial knowledgeVorschauKapitel digital verfügbar 0,00 €

Roland Happ, Manuel Förster, Marion Grein und Ann-Kathrin Bültmann
The importance of controlling for language skills when assessing the correlation between young adults’ knowledge and understanding of personal finance and migration backgroundVorschauKapitel digital verfügbar 0,00 €

Elizabeth Breitbach und Jamie Wagner
Family matters: Financial literacy and the incoming college freshmanVorschauKapitel digital verfügbar 0,00 €

Stefan Grohs-Müller und Bettina Greimel-Fuhrmann
Students’ money attitudes and financial behaviour:
A study on the relationship between two components of financial literacy
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Aisa Amagir, Arie Wilschut und Wim Groot
The relation between financial knowledge, attitudes towards money, financial self-efficacy, and financial behavior among high school students in the NetherlandsVorschauKapitel digital verfügbar 0,00 €

Diego Méndez-Carbajo und Scott A. Wolla
One small spoonful at a time: Long-form vs. shortform financial education online learning modulesVorschauKapitel digital verfügbar 0,00 €

Andrew T. Hill und Carlos J. Asarta
A survey of personal finance understanding:
Does it matter when high school students take the course?
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Bärbel Fürstenau und Mandy Hommel
Contribution of bank webpages to the development of young adults’ financial competence about mortgagesVorschauKapitel digital verfügbar 0,00 €

Nora Cechovsky
Students’ fiscal literacy:
An explorative study of their understanding of the tax system
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Herausgeber*innen Manuel Förster
Roland Happ
William B. Walstad
Carlos J. Asarta
Band/Heft 3+4
Erscheinungsjahr 2018
Jahrgang 32
ISBN-13 978-3-944996-55-4
ISBN-10 3-944996-55-0
ISSN 0931-5020
Seiten 245
Sprache Englisch
Bindung Softcover