Manuel Förster et al. (Hrsg.) (2018)

Empirische Pädagogik 2018 – 32 (3+4):

Financial literacy of students and young adults

Determinants and impacts


Bibliographische Angaben

Herausgeber Manuel Förster
Roland Happ
William B. Walstad
Carlos J. Asarta
Band/Heft 3+4
Erscheinungsjahr 2018
Jahrgang 32
ISBN-13 978-3-944996-55-4
ISBN-10 3-944996-55-0
ISSN 0931-5020
Seiten 245
Sprache Englisch
Bindung Softcover



Manuel Förster, Roland Happ, William B. Walstad und Carlos J. Asarta
Financial literacy of students and young adults: Determinants and impacts

William B. Walstad und Ken Rebeck
The measurement properties of the Basic Finance Test for children and the Test of Financial Knowledge for youth

Eveline Wuttke und Carmela Aprea
A situational judgement approach for measuring young adults’ financial literacy

Manuel Förster, Roland Happ und Andreas Maur
The relationship among gender, interest in financial topics and understanding of personal finance

Rebecca G. Chambers und Carlos J. Asarta
Gender, country-level variables, and financial knowledge

Roland Happ, Manuel Förster, Marion Grein und Ann-Kathrin Bültmann
The importance of controlling for language skills when assessing the correlation between young adults’ knowledge and understanding of personal finance and migration background

Elizabeth Breitbach und Jamie Wagner
Family matters: Financial literacy and the incoming college freshman

Stefan Grohs-Müller und Bettina Greimel-Fuhrmann
Students’ money attitudes and financial behaviour: A study on the relationship between two components of financial literacy

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The relation between financial knowledge, attitudes towards money, financial self-efficacy, and financial behavior among high school students in the Netherlands

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One small spoonful at a time: Long-form vs. shortform financial education online learning modules

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A survey of personal finance understanding
Does it matter when high school students take the course?

Bärbel Fürstenau und Mandy Hommel
Contribution of bank webpages to the development of young adults’ financial competence about mortgages

Nora Cechovsky
Students’ fiscal literacy
An explorative study of their understanding of the tax system